Parents of children with disabilities

How to encourage your child's abilities?

You came to right place to encourage your kid's creativity, skills, talents and various accomplishments. Why wait, let's share their remarkable abilities which will be inspiring for everyone.
Showcase abilities

How to inspire your child?

    You can
  • Read the Instant Inspiration book. A must have! An inspirational book for kids and families with disabilities. Instant Inspiration is a compilation of real life inspirational stories of creatorswith disabilities who have proved that nothing is impossible when you have creativity and most importantly the support and encouragement of families. Through their stories of accomplishments and inspirational interviews these individuals show us that no one sets boundaries for us other than ourselves. This book includes a variety of creators ranging from artists to singer to pianist to entrepreneurs. They range in age from nine to twenty-three and are enjoying different phases of their lives.
  • Be inspired by inspirational stories of Inspirational Influencers
  • Be motivated by motivational stories of Motivational Role Models
  • Discover your child's strengths while exploring showcase section