Show Off Strengths

Everyone of all ages and abilities from the community for persons with disabilities is invited to show off their creativtiy, skills, talents and various accomplishments which will motivate others.

Few easy steps

Send us following informaton at

  • Name
  • Age
  • Location (State and Country)
  • Disability
  • Parent Name (if parent is sending child's work)
  • Brief Description of Work/Accomplishment/Skill/Talent
  • Title
  • Attach either one image file (for example - any JPEG file) or one creative video link (for example - YouTube video link)
  • Email Address (for our reference – will not be published on the website)
  • Comment – Related to Work/Accomplishment/Skill/Talent (optional)


  • All work submitted to Inspiration Matters needs to be orginal work
  • By submitting above details, you provide permission to Inspiration Matters to use your name, image and attached media
  • Inspiration Matters has right to modify the provided multimedia files in order to make it viewable.