About Us

About Inspiration Matters (formerly known as Special Children's Art Display)

About Us: Inspiration Matters is a not-for-profit social enterprise which focuses on enrichment, expression and celebrates abilities of people with disabilities around the world.
Mission Statement: Enriching lives of people with disabilities all over the world by providing a unique and friendly online platform to share and connect through real-life stories and showcasing abilities.


Nupur Chokshi: Founder of Inspiration Matters, formerly known as Special Children's Art Display. She has 18 years of experience working in the software industry. She has worked on various high-profile software development projects and web-based products as a project manager. She has ample experience working with clients as well as expertise in the integration of third-party products. As founder of Inspiration Matters, she has made it her mission to celebrate abilities and confidence of people with disabilities. Her passion is to give them their own online space to explore their potential, be expressive, and enrich their lives. She has pledged to make a positive change in the life of every individual with disabilities.


Nupur and her husband Shash launched Kidauthors site which was a global community for kids to publish their stories and poems. This site was very popular with children, parents and teachers. Here is an interview we did with the "The Journal".Interview

Special Thanks

Special thanks to Siraj Chokshi who designed the logo and developed the brand for Inspiration Matters. He also designed Instant Inspiration book cover.