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How to submit your artwork/creativity?

Please use Submit Work.

Can anyone with special needs send artwork/creativity to this online community?

Yes this community encourages everyone with special needs from all over the world to submit their creativity. Creativiy is contagious. This community initially started focusing on children. But we have expanded our service to all creators with special needs. All the creators with special needs can take advantage of all the inspirational and creative work.
Please use Submit Work.

How does Inspiration Matters differ from "Special Chidren's Art Display"?

Inspiration Matters was formerly known as Special Children's Art Display. Inspiration Matters has expanded their service to all the creators with special needs.. We started Special Children's Art Display which mainly focused on creativity, expressivity, and inspiration for children with special needs. Over time, we have realized through feedback that there is a need to include people of all the ages so everyone can take advantage of this growing community. Inspiration Matters welcomes everyone from special needs community to participate and get inspired by all stories and creativities.